Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Inkblot Test and a Question From a Fellow Student

The Rorschach test, or inkblot test is is a test that tests one's personality and emotional state. This test is conducted using the same 10 pictures of inkblots for each test. The inkblot test was created and published in 1921 by Dr. Hermann Rorschach. It is believed that he got the idea of the test from a childhood game, Klexographie: a game in which you create inkblots before improvising a story about it. Unfortunately, Rorschach died when he was 37, one year after the publication of the inkblot test. To this day, many people argue over how accurate the test is.

Side Question: What would happen if you knew what people were thinking?

My Answer: I think that if I knew what people were thinking, I would be drawn back from society, antisocial, and slightly insane. I think this because it would be really difficult to have friendships and relationships with anyone. I would always know everyone's thoughts and feelings about anything and everything, including what they thought of me. Everyone's thoughts would be forced into my head, and I would have to hear them all regardless of whether or not I wished to. I think that this would cause me to lose my sanity, hearing billions of voices in my head, mashed together, each one differing slightly, forever and ever.

I'm Back

   Summer is over. That means one thing or another, but it also means that I must continue this blog. Anyway, here are some things to know about me: my favorite genres are fiction, and more specifically, fantasy, adventure, sci-fi, and mystery. However, I sort of dislike non-fiction. I love to read so much that I sometimes will read anywhere, and any time, but my favorite places to read are in my room and at the library. A few years ago I would accidently walk into poles (yes, I really would) while reading my book(s), but I haven't done that recently. I have come to the realization that I enjoy reading so much because it lets me pretend that I live a different life than I do currently.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

WARNING: This Post Contains Mind-numbing Information *dramatic music begins*

     I see that you have ignored my warning. So get ready to learn about The Giver. Jonas got to see birds in person and not just from memories. He is also beginning to get worried about food and going hungry. I thought that he would eventually run out of food, because he did not bring an infinite supply of food with him. I think that Jonas will stumble across another community of people who do not have Sameness because based on how the book is writen, that should happen at some point.

There Is YET ANOTHER Giver Post (Why Must I Do My KBARB On This Book *Cries Sadly*)

    I am going to cut to the chase: this is going to be about The Giver (Oh what a surprise *raises eyebrows* No,no just kidding, not a surprise, unless you didn't read the title). Well, Jonas has done it, he ran away. Not only did he run away, he took Gabe with him. I knew this was going to happen because last chapter he decided he was going to run away. I think that Jonas will get sick or something because I said so and it is a great big world out there.

Here Is Another Giver Post (Much Sadness I Feel)

   Alrighty then, I guess I got to talk about The Giver again *sad violins play in the background*. Jonas has decided to run away. I knew this was going to happen, it was only a matter of time because, as I said in my previous post, the main character always runs away in these types of books (I can predict the future, worship me lol). I think that IF he is able to escape, then he will run into some people who are not part of his community because there has to be some other people out there, right?

Here Is A Giver Post :(

     So today I had to read The Giver (Woo, so exciting *slow clapping*). Jonas learned that to be "released" actually means to be killed. I thought that this was going to happen sooner or later and hey! Look what happened. I thought that this was going to happen because this is obviously a dystopian novel and to "be released" always sounded to good to be true to me. I think that Jonas is going to run away because that is always what happens in these types of books.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

This Is Actually A KBARB Response

    Today I read The Giver by Lois Lowery. Jonas (the main character) was told that he would become the next Receiver Of Memory. I actually was not that surprised that he was selected to become the next Receiver Of Memory, because it seemed pretty likely that something like this was going to happen. I am curious to see how Jonas will react to becoming the Receiver Of Memory. Will he run away? Will he stay and uphold his duty? I guess I'll have to read more to figure this out.